The Ultimate Guide to the
Original Hollywood Squares

Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square is the ultimate guide to the show, the stars - and what went on behind-the-scenes. Some of the many famous “Squares” discussed in the book are:

  • Walter Matthau, who wanted to be on the incredibly popular show, but wasn’t invited on until he’d won an Oscar.

  • George C. Scott, who, while intimidating on screen and in real life, was scared to death before the show.

  • Milton Berle, who complained repeatedly about the small size of his dressing room, but finally agreed to do the show. The show had jokes written especially for Berle, but when he found out they hadn’t been used before and therefore guaranteed a laugh, he refused to do them.

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor, who would send her driver out for fake eyelashes, costing $150!

  • Betty Grable, Ginger Rogers, Ethel Merman, Helen Hayes, Bernadette Peters, Steve Martin and, of course, regulars like Paul Lynde, Rose Marie, Wally Cox, Arte Johnson and many more.

Backstage with the Original Hollywood Square is an insider’s view of one of the most popular and remarkable television shows of all-time, and also includes a CD of a long-out-of-print album, Zingers from the Hollywood Squares.

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